Trad Gigs for Children: Goitse 24 - 25 Jan 2020

A series of special gigs for children of all ages from popular and multi-award-winning quintet Goitse, a band at the forefront of new Irish trad music. Part of the TradFest Children's Hub 2020

Goitse (an informal Irish greeting meaning ‘come here’) features all-Ireland Bodhrán champion Colm Phelan and Conal O’Kane, who is fast making a name for himself as one of the finest guitarists of his generation. The gripping rhythm section sets a powerful drive for the music while the sweet, charismatic voice of Áine McGeeney draws audiences into a song.

The band have released five critically acclaimed recordings and regularly take their distinctive compositions and traditional Irish tunes to audiences around the world.

Audiences can look forward to an exciting performance full of outstanding music “that’s brimming with energy and creative zeal” (Irish Music Magazine) with fun interactive moments and perhaps even a sprinkling of dancing!

Curricular Links...

These energetic music concerts will explore the Listening and Responding strand of Music Curriculum in particular in relation to exploring our unique heritage of music through its style, songs and indigenous Irish instruments. Performances demonstrate for children the particular skill of traditional musicians for learning and performing music from memory. Children will also gain an understanding of regional differences in Irish music and folk music from other parts of the world.