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Workshop: Design a Board Game 6 May 2019

Join award winning game designer and developer Brenda Romero and design your very own board game in this fun workshop for Ages 8-12.

Brenda will share with you her knowledge of game design, showing you the structure on which all games are developed. You will then come up with an initial idea for a game, change it, make it even better, and add challenges to make it fun for all.

Then you will get hands-on as you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice designing and play testing your own game.

About Brenda Romero...

Brenda is an award-winning game designer, Fulbright scholar, entrepreneur, artist, writer and creative director who entered the video game industry in 1981. Brenda has worked with a variety of digital game companies as a game designer, creative director or consultant, including Atari, Sir-tech Software and Electronic Arts. She was the recipient of the 2013 Women in Games Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by Microsoft.
She is presently the Program Director of the MSc in Game Design & Development at Limerick University, Co-founder of independent game developer at Romero Games, Ltd in Galway, Ireland.