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Young Inventors Camp 23 - 26 Apr 2019

From analogue to digital - explore the evolution of physical games with Make Create Innovate in this four day camp for Ages 9-12.

This camp is ideal for anyone who likes to have fun and make new friends! Over four days, you will create your own unique toys and interactive game prototypes. From idea generation and design, to construction and play testing, you will get a chance to build basic robots using motors and use MaKey MaKey kits and Scratch block coding to create interactive games. As a group, you will also design future play spaces and test out each other’s new games. In between, there will be lots of old and new games for you to try.

As a group, you will also create ‘treasure hunt’ games that people attending the Game Plan exhibition can play.

The camp will conclude in a mini Maker Fair where the games created will be displayed for family members and friends to enjoy. Everyone who participates will be awarded a Certificate of Participation and a laser cut souvenir medallion.