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Family Workshop: Getting Ready to Rally! 1 Jun 2019

Come along to this fun, creative workshop with visual artist Jane Groves. Learn all about your rights as a child, design your own protest slogans and express them creatively with beautiful banners and flags!

In this workshop we will explore the theme of children’s rights ensuring that you are aware of your rights, ensuring that you arefully informed so that you'll primed and ready to take action to express yourself!

Together as a family, you will work with your grown-ups using a range of materials to creatively express the issues that you are most passionate about. Jane will help you design your own slogan and eye catching banner or flag.

And here's your chance to show off your creations - The Right Here Right Now Children's Rally!

We're inviting you to help make sure that children are seen and heard at the Right Here Right Now Children's Rally on Friday 14 June! Any school, children’s club, group or family can take part. Children from all over Ireland will rally together on Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. There’ll be speeches and banners, flags and songs! It will be a colourful celebration of children’s rights.

Can't get to Dublin? rally where you are! : Host your own local rally at home, in school or in your area - make sure children get to say what is important to them? Find out more here.