Beautiful Beasts Video Workshops

Inspired by The Ark's collection of loveable animal sculptures, The Beautiful Beasts, we have created a series of video workshops and accompanying activity sheets for children to enjoy at home.

Early Years Video Workshop: Shy Mouse & Show-Off Lion

By Joanna Parkes
For ages 2-4 with their grown-ups

Explore the importance of all creatures small and large in this video drama workshop for ages 2-4 with their grown-ups led by Joanna Parkes. Pack your make-believe backpacks, set off to find the proud lion and see where your imaginations can take you...

If you like, you can bring a few things with you:
• A cushion
• A small bag or backpack
• A soft toy (any favourite cuddly animal will do)
• Wear an adventurer’s hat of any kind if you want!

Before you start, we recommend:
• A clear floor area of about 4 paces square – free of movable furniture and any trip hazards.
• Children and adults should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Video Workshop: Flap, Glide & Soar Like a Pigeon

With Duffy Mooney-Sheppard
For ages 5-12
Presented in partnership with Dublin City Councils Creative Hubs

Design and make your own feathered friend with visual artist Duffy Mooney-Sheppard in this puppet-making video workshop for ages 5-12.

You will need:
• Card - if you like you can print out this template on your card, or draw your own!
• Pencils and paper - these can be scraps of paper, card, old packaging and any materials you have to hand such as pencils, crayons, makers, paints
• Scissors
• Pritt stick or similar
• Sellotape or masking tape
• Crepe paper or tissue paper of different colours, cut into small squares (5cm)
• Wrapping paper
• Shiny things or something that sparkles

Video Workshop: Animal Transformations

With Duffy Mooney-Sheppard
For ages 5-12

In partnership with Irish Arts Centre

We are excited to team up with our friends in the Irish Arts Center in New York to bring you this creative book-making workshop with illustrator Duffy Mooney-Sheppard. This workshop takes inspiration from Irish mythology's many stories about humans turning into animals. Perfect for children aged 5-12 (and grown-ups too) you will choose which animal you would like to become, learn its wisdom, and draw a simple booklet of your own imagined animal transformation tale.

Materials you will need:
• A few sheets of printer or construction paper (or similar)
• Drawing instruments (e.g., pencils, markers, crayons, or whatever you have handy)
• For the cover of your booklet, a piece of cardstock if you have it. Some cardboard cut to the size of your paper will also do!
• Stapler (or glue stick/glue/tape)
• Scissors

Video Workshop: Recipes for Stories

With Dave Rudden
For ages 7+

Anyone can be a writer! And author Dave Rudden has a few easy Recipes for Stories to help children develop their writing.

In this video workshop, author of the Knights Of The Borrowed Dark trilogy, Dave Rudden explains the basic building blocks of stories along with some fun writing exercises to help budding writers aged 7+ flex their writing muscles.

Video Workshop: Story Islands & Wilhelma The Tortoise

With Duffy Mooney-Sheppard
For ages 5-12

Grab some paper, pencils, crayons or whatever drawing materials you have at home, and join us for this visual art video workshop with illustrator Duffy Mooney-Sheppard to celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg, a day of free creativity for children and young people!
Inspired the adventures of Wilhelma The Tortoise, a friendly mahogany sculpture by Imogen Stuart, you will create a unique pictorial story map of your own. When drawing a map, you can invent your own world and tell a brand new story using whatever basic art materials you have available at home.

The Beautiful Beasts @ Home is part of The Ark's 25th birthday season, sponsored by BDO.