Far Away From Me - At-Home Activities

To accompany our online stream of Far Away From Me by Amy Conroy, here is a selection of activities connected to the show, and to fairy tales in general, for children aged 6+ to enjoy at home.

An exciting theatre show by Amy Conroy, inspired by The Princess and the Pea and infused with the excitement of aerial performance, dance music and great storytelling.

Kevin is a little prince…at least that’s what his mum tells him.

Kevin likes the idea of this, of being a prince on a horse, a beautiful brown horse with a white splotch down his nose, and galloping across the kingdom. His kingdom.

From Thursday 30 April at 12pm until Wed 6 May at midnight, Far Away From Me will stream live on ark.ie and The Ark's Facebook page. To find out more about this online event, click here.

Using the activity sheet below, children aged 6+ can engage in a variety of activities which tie into the show's themes, before or after watching the show online, or just on their own!