Maeve Clancy - 3D Scene-Making and Flip Book Animation Workshops

Maeve Clancy will be running a series of workshops at The Ark, starting October 24th through to November 5th. Make your own spooky scene or flipbook with witches and goblins! Read what Maeve has to say.

My name is Maeve Clancy and I'll be running two sets of workshops this Hallowe'en at the Ark. The first shows how to make a Spooky 3D pop up scene with witches, goblins and ghosts. For the second, I'll be showing how to animate spooky creatures, magic explosions and floating phantoms in a series of Flipbook workshops.

A little about me: I'm an artist based in Dublin and I work in a variety of media, from animation to cut paper, pop up and comics. In 2009, Lisa Hannigan and her brother Jamie approached me to help them make a pop up book for a music video. I've known Jamie, a writer and director for years, we even collaborated together on an animated short film 'The Boy with the Ever Open Jaw' in 2005.

Lisa wanted us to make a pop up book to accompany the song Lille from her debut solo album 'Sea Sew'. Jamie wrote a story about a man and a woman who meet when their ships pass by each other in a vast ocean. He then drew the storyboards (a sequence of pictures that tell a story step by step in images).

While he was working on the script, I needed to do some visual research. I bought an old pop up book in a second hand shop and took it apart. I wanted to know how it worked and what kind of paper engineering I might use for the Lille project. I drew up designs for the two main characters and researched all of the background elements: sea, ships, underwater landscapes and creatures.

With research complete, Jamie and I came together and made small trial versions of every double page spread in the Lille story. These mini pop ups gave us the opportunity to solve any problems that came up, add to the designs where possible and alter any pages that weren't going to work. Solving problems at this early stage saved us a lot of time later on when working on the much bigger final piece.

Making the final books took us a couple of very intensive weeks of work. Drawing, cutting, colouring, sticking and testing, all at high speed! The result is a set of 2 books telling Jamie's original story in pop up form. You can see the video below.

On Saturday November 5th at 3.30pm, I will give a short talk about the Lille books, show the video and have the actual books available to view in the Cosy Corner upstairs in the Ark. If you want to try out the mini-pages for yourself, see the books or even ask me some questions, this is your opportunity!