Visit The Ark

Siobhán O'Neill White from visited The Ark on 31October, 2011 for spooky tales by Niall de Búrca and tells us about her experience.

We had our first visit to The Ark in Templebar on 31st October on the afternoon of Halloween. We got tickets to see Niall DeBurca and were excited about going. On the day, it was cold, windy and rainy and we were delighted to get into the warm & comfy theatre for the show to start. We had no idea what to expect and were intrigued to see a single chair in the middle of the dimly lit room and no other equipment. No TV’s or screens or fancy technology – just a chair with a light from the back of the room shining on it.

We were shown to our seats and as soon as everyone was settled, Niall came out. He had only himself and his feadóg. He sat down and started talking and immediately my children, aged 6 and 8 were captivated - as was I! Niall had a knack of using traditional Irish storytelling but putting a unique modern twist on it. His ability to mimic accents and voices along with his colourful body language made him very interesting to watch and listen to. While the storytelling was primarily for the children, there was plenty in there to keep the adults entertained too. My children and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at The Ark and were delighted to pick up one of Niall cd’s on our way out. We have been playing it in the car regularly since and it has a magical effect – it stops our children from squabbling as they sit quietly, hanging on to every word of every story!

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to The Ark and expect this was the first of many visits for our family. For me, it was far more entertaining than sitting through another predictable kids movie at the cinema and we will certainly be recommending it to the other parents who use

By Siobhán O'Neill White visit to The Ark was kindly supported by Kellogg's.