*Callout* Children needed for a Theatre Participation Project

We are looking for children aged 8-14 to be part of a child participation theatre project with acclaimed UK company Forced Entertainment.

As part of RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! The Ark’s Festival of Children in June, The Ark will present a rehearsed reading of That Night Follows Day by Forced Entertainment’s Artistic Director Tim Etchells at Project Arts Centre. Performed by children for an audience of grown-ups, the piece explores the way that adults and the adult world shape the experience, understanding and possibilities that young people have.

Photo by Hugo Glendinning of a previous version at Southbank Centre, London in 2018.

We are looking for 17 children to take part in the project, working with Director Matthew Evans and members of The Ark Team. A diverse group of children aged 8-14 will be drawn from all over Dublin and the surrounding area. Children don’t need to be experienced performers but need to be confident readers happy to have their voice heard in front of other people and to enjoy working in a group. You can get a sense of the project from this video of a previous version that took place in London’s Southbank Centre: https://youtu.be/hiQOIIQ8GTs.

When will the project take place?
All participants must be required to be available for every rehearsal. Please be aware that some of our rehearsal days include weekends, days over Easter Break and Bank Holidays. The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Rehearsal Period 1

  • Thu 24 April (times tbc)
  • Fri 25 April (times tbc)
  • Sat 26 April (times tbc)

Rehearsal Period 2

  • Sat 1 June (times tbc)
  • Sun 2 June (times tbc)
  • Mon 3 June (times tbc)

Rehearsal Period 3/Performance Week

  • Wed 12 June (evening)
  • Thu 13 June (evening)
  • Fri 14 June (evening)
  • Sat 15 June (full day)

How will participants be selected?
We will run a number of recruitment workshops on Sunday 24 March. These are not auditions, but a chance for the director to see the children working together and put together a group of 17 that matches the needs of the project best. While we wish that we could take everyone that applies, we can only take this number of children.

Please note: The Ark expects to receive more applications than places available, which is why we are running the recruitment sessions. The project aims to represent a mix of children that reflects the diversity of young people in Ireland today. In line with The Ark’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we actively seek to ensure equality in terms of access and engagement accross gender, ethnicity, age, orientation, membership of the Traveller Community, socio-economic status, family or civil status, disability, or religion.

We cannot guarantee you a place on the recruitment workshops. In the event of us having more applicants than we are able to see on the day of the workshops, The Ark will assign places on the workshops so that we can recruit a balanced and representative team.

How to apply
To submit your child for the project, simply coplete the application form below by 12pm on Wed 20 March

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! The Ark’s Festival of Children is supported by the Creative Ireland Programme’s National Creativity Fund.