Young Artists from our After-School Club share their Inspiration

Hear from Roger (age 9) and Willow-Rose (age 8), who recently took part in The Ark After-School Art Club, about why they love to draw and what inspires them.

Over six days of workshops led by illustrator Duffy Mooney-Sheppard, The Ark’s live online after-school community project worked to enable the creative potential and expression of participating children and their grown-ups. Now, we are delighted to present some of the artwork created by these children in their online exhibition 'Dreaming and Drawing' for Cruinniú na nÓg 2021. Hear from two of the participants, Willow-Rose and Roger, about how they feel about making art.

Artwork by Roger, age 9

What inspires your art?:

Willow Rose: The things that inspire me in my art are my friends and family, the garden I planted with my nanny and my mamma - it brings lots of bees and butterflies to it. My imagination, history, space and classical music are all the things that inspire me.

Roger: Looking closely at insects, stories...

Is there anything else you would like to say about your life as a creative artist? For example, does being an artist affect your everyday life? Do you make art with friends or family? Do you put your art up on the walls?:

Roger: Not enough time to make as much art as I would like. I sometimes make art together with my mum (crafts and science too.) My mum has decorated one wall with my art.

Willow Rose: My mamma made me a wall of art. It's to showcase mine and my friends' art. I make gifts too from my art. I paint wooden boxes and give them to my family and friends or my teacher. I make gifts from paper quilling too. I love everything about art. You can start off with one idea and end up with something else. I love to dance and sing while doing my art. My mamma inspires me to do art, she loves to do it with me too. She is my happy place.

Artwork by Willow-Rose, age 8

Some people don't spend much time making art but you do! Why do you make art?:

Roger: It makes me happy.

Willow Rose: Art helps me to forget my worries and helps me to express myself. It makes me happy and calm. Art is my happy place. I love to listen to classical music while I do my art.

Thank you Roger & Willow Rose!

See more artwork by our After-School Art Club participants in our Online Gallery of their exhibition 'Dreaming and Drawing' here as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2021.