New Family Membership at The Ark

New Family Membership programme launched

Angels have a long history in theatre and the arts. Traditionally they were the people who financially supported plays and shows which, without their support, may never have made it to the stage. Now we are providing a chance to be a very special kind of Angel, an ArkAngel, and get ‘wings’ by supporting The Ark’s work.

We have just launched our brand new entry-level Family Membership programme, which costs €60 annually and includes a range of fantastic benefits to help families with children aged 2-12 get the most from their visits to The Ark throughout the year. Some very special benefits include priority booking, 20% off all events and opportunities for children to bring their best friend to The Ark for free.

Our higher level individual memberships have also been revised, and members who chose to move to the next level, ArkAngel (€125) will then get their wings! From there you can fly higher to ArkAngel Gold (€250), Guardian Angel (€500) and Guardian Angel Gold level (€750).

See full details and benefits for each level, or purchase membership now.