The Ark & Dublin Theatre Festival - 21 years of partnership

As the Theatre for Children season of DTF 2016 starts, Maria Fleming & Willie White talk about the importance of the partnership.

The Theatre for Children season in Dublin Theatre Festival 2016 has officially started!

This is the 22nd festival for our long-standing partnership with DTF and we are proud to have been able to bring our audiences some truly magical theatre from around the world. To mark the start of the festival we sat down with Willie White (Director, DTF) and Maria Fleming (Theatre Programmer at The Ark and Curator of the Theatre for Children shows) to hear them talk about the partnership, why it is so important to both organisations and how it has impacted the sector here in Ireland.

The 2016 Theatre for Children Season comprises of three international shows:

Click the links above to find out more and hear Maria and Willie talking about each of the shows.